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Welcome to Expo Communication Help – Seller Help section.
How can I find new Buyers for my products / services?
There are several ways to find Buyers using Expo Communication.
1. Describe your company and your products and let other companies contact you.
2. Post Trade Leads: Sell Offers, Business Opportunities and let other companies respond to your offers.
3. Post your Product Catalog and upload photos of your Products.
4. Post your Sellwords so buyers interested in your products will easily find you.
5. Search our database of companies and contact possible partners one by one. There are several ways to search between companies (described below).
6. Use our powerful TTL (Targeted Trade Leads) and broadcast your business message to thousands of targeted companies. You can target by geographic location and industry classification.
7. Post your company / trade lead in front of other companies / trade leads! Our system lists thousands of companies and trade leads, by bidding on your positions you can get top positions (Premium Listings) for your company and trade leads. A Premium Listing receive much more exposure than normal listings. To get a Premium Listing you need to bid on your company or trade lead position using your credits.
8. Sign up for Trade Alert. Our members post many Trade Leads every day. Don’t waste you time reading all the Trade Leads that are useless to you. Get Trade Leads directly to your Inbox! Sign up for Trade Alert!

How can I improve my response feedback at Expo Communication? How can I attract more potential buyers?
Just a few tips:
1. Make sure you visit Expo Communication every day and post 1-2 Trade Leads.
2. Add your Products and attach photos to it.
3. If you want better exposure of your Trade Leads, use your credits to make them Premium Trade Leads. Expo Communication list thousands of Trade Leads and to get maximum exposure it is very important to list your Trade Lead on the top of other Trade Leads. The first top 20 Premium Trade Leads are also sent out to all opted members. To have your Trade Lead listed on this e-mail, simply bid on your Trade Leads and make sure your bid is high enough to be listed among the top 20.
4. Use your FREE Business Website we provide.

Where can I check the responses to my Trade Leads, Products?
All the responses you get through Expo Communication are automatically forwarded to your E-Mail Address. It is very important to keep your E-Mail Address up to date, otherwise you will not get the responses and may loose a potential Business Partner. Also, if you are using some kind of spam protecting / spam prevention system make sure your mail server can receive mailings from our domain name. The responses are also stored on our database to be accessed later whenever you access your Member Account and click on My Inbox.